Newark NJ Lawyer Arrested and Charged

A high profile Newark NJ criminal defense lawyer was arrested last week and charged with various crimes, including several counts of racketeering and attempting to hire a hit man to kill a key witness for the state. The Essex county lawyer was defending a criminal defendant in a drug case and apparently was a little too involved in his client’s business.

If convicted, the attorney will likely spend the rest of his life in a state prison. Each lawyer is obligated to arduously advocate on behalf their client, no matter the charges or personal beliefs. This, obviously goes far beyond that proposition.

Nonetheless, the situation raises interesting questions regarding what a client should expect from their criminal defense lawyer. From a lawyer’s prospective, it is easy to see how an attorney could trip on that slippery slope, wanting the best result for their client. There is no better feeling than having your client walk away happy.

However, the truth is a good lawyer will know the law, and it will provide all the ammunition he/she needs to put on a good defense.

An Essex County criminal defendant should seek a knowledgeable attorney, who is well respected, and has reputation for professionalism. In the long run, this will always win out over underhanded and unethical tactics.


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