NJ-New Jersey DWI Charge-Offense-Lawyer

Several months ago, I was certified in the administration of the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST). These test are typically administered to NJ DWI suspects on the road. The results of these test are important because they can form the basis for probable cause for an arrest.

As stated, SFST are test . As such, the results of those test are subject to standardized criteria. The results are not valid unless the test are administered in the standardized  manner and assessed using the standardized criteria.

My training in this field has allowed me to immediately identify when an arresting nj dwi police officer does not administer the test correctly. The bottom line is if you have been arrested for a New Jersey DWI offense, there may have been no probable cause for your DWI charge if the SFST were administered improperly. I can be reached 24 hrs to discuss your NJ DWI charge.


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