I Pleaded Guilty to a Zero Point Ticket, But DMV Still Suspended Me For Points

If you are reading this page, it is safe to say that you are probably in one of the following predicaments.

1) Your license was in a probationary status following either a suspension for points (i.e. persistent violator) or a MVC appeal that resulted in no suspension but imposed a period of probation whereby you were prohibited from receiving any moving motor vehicle violations.

2) Your license was suspended at the time you received the motor vehicle summons, but your were not issued a ticket for it, nor did you realize it, and now NJMVC wants to suspend your driving privileges for six months.

Of course, there could be multiple scenarios that can produce the above quagmire. But here is what you need to know. If you have accumulated a number of points on your New Jersey license, and are in the danger zone for a Motor Vehicle Commision imposed suspension, or you are on probationary status because of a persistent violator situation, just about any moving violation will result in a Division of Motor Vehicles imposed suspension.

Therefore, if you have been issued a NJ traffic ticket for a moving violation, you have some choices, a few of which I discuss below:

1) There are only a few non-moving, no point amendments available in New Jersey. Both Judges and Prosecutors are extremely reluctant to offer these amendments and can only do so in certain situations. Additionally, (and unfortunately), you will most likely need the assistance of  New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer who has experience in the court that you are in and who specializes in this area of the law (such as I do). Believe it or not, obtaining these plea offers is very difficult in most jurisdictions.

2) If step one is not an option, Go to trial. Most traffic violations do not expose the defendant to a court imposed suspension. Fines and points could result upon conviction, but the points are going to expose you to an administration suspension in any event, so why not take a shot. If you win, you are not guilty, and the ticket goes away. However, trial is not always a good option, and there are other, more complicated means by which your ticket may be dismissed. But those procedures are not within the purview of this article. What ever the case may be,  you should consult with a lawyer before making any decisions. Moreover, if you want to got to trial, I would urge you to hire representation to give yourself the best chance to win.

Finally, If it is too late, and you have already received the proposed suspension notice from the Motor Vehicle commission, make sure you appeal the suspension. Once again, it is wise to hire an experienced motor vehicle and DMV appeal attorney for the proceeding. It is often the case that I am able to completely eliminate or dramatically reduce the proposed suspension at the appeal.


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