NJ License Restoration Attorney, Child Support Suspension, Nonpayment

Child Support accounts are monitored by probation. The State of New Jersey attaches child support obligations to the NJ license number on the account. Therefore, if an individual falls behind on child support payments (called an arrearage), the division of motor vehicles (motor vehicle commission) will be notified and driving privileges will be suspended (revoked). In addition, a child support warrant will be issued for the individual’s arrest. This warrant is typically issued by the county probation department or county court. The license will not be restored until such time as the outstanding child support is paid and the warrant is vacated

It is often the case that the individual who has fallen behind on child support payments owes a large amount of money. As an attorney who represents clients with child support related license suspension, I realize that it may be impossible for some to pay the full amount that is owed all at once. My law firm will communicate with the court and probation to get your case re-listed. We will then work with our client to come up with a REASONABLE child support payment schedule. Attorney Todd Palumbo will present the arrangement to the court. If accepted, my client will make a good faith payment towards the child support obligation, the warrant will be lifted, and the license restored.

Suspensions for non-payment of child support can created a cycle of problems that an experienced attorney can help you avoid. In my experience, many of my clients have accumulated driving while suspended convictions as a result of nonpayment of child support related suspensions. This can lead to jail time and thousands of dollars in surcharges and additional child support related issues.  The problem is fixable. Do not let it continue to snowball and fester. The quicker it it is addressed, the better.

I am a New Jersey license restoration lawyer who provides 24 hr free consultations. Please feel free to contact me with your questions.


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