Essex County New Jersey DWI Lawyers and DUI Attorneys

When an individual is charged with a DWI or DUI offense in Essex County NJ, there is a high probability that he/she will look to the internet for information on the offense and the potential penalties faced. There are a few important things to consider when looking for a DWI attorney in this area.

First, remember that lawyers, like every other business, looks for ways to bring in new business. The internet is a fantastic way to make contact with potential new clients. Websites, blog, etc. provide valuable information to those arrested for driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence. However, many attorneys will advertise that they practice in a geographical area, but have little or no experience with the municipal and criminal courts in that county. It is wise when interviewing attorneys to verify that they have sufficient experience and familiarity in the Essex County municipal court that you will be appearing in. Hiring a local lawyer will almost always work in your favor.

In addition the familiarity with the Essex County courts, when interviewing a DWI lawyer, one should seek out an attorney who has the proper training and experience in DWI defense. DWI and DUI defense is arguably the most complicated and involved type of litigation that occurs in the municipal courts. The best Essex County NJ DWI defense attorneys will have certifications in the administration of the Alcotest, the Standardized Field Sobriety Test, and trial techniques. Not all DWI lawyers are created equal.

Also, an attorney’s assessment of the facts of your DWI case should take some time. This means that the lawyer who you speaking with should spend more than a few minutes with you during an initial consultation. My initial consultation with potential DWI clients can sometimes take up to an hour or more. It is not recommended that you hire a lawyer who after speaking with you for five minutes tells you there is nothing to worry about and you are going to get off. Although an initial consultation can yield facts which give your lawyer an idea of the number of defenses you have, and the likelihood they will succeed, it is not until completed discovery is received and reviewed that more concrete determinations can be made.

Finally, verify information that you are provided by lawyers by doing research using the terms the attorneys provide to you. As you speak with lawyers, ask them about concepts and defenses you hear about during the interview process. This will insure that you choose the lawyer who has taken the time and made the effort to give you the most accurate preliminary assessment of your DWI case.


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