Driving While Suspended Conviction Reopened and Amended

I represented a client charged with a third driving while suspended in a Hudson County Municipal Court. Certain heavily populated areas like East Rutherford, Jersey City, Secaucus, etc., issue a large number of traffic tickets each year. In this particular case, my client pleaded guilty to driving while suspended without be representing by a lawyer. As a result he was facing SLAP time, which is the Sheriffs Labor Program and a 6 month loss of driving privileges. This was in  addition to the mandatory $1000 fine and surcharges

He contacted me a few days after his court date asking if there was anything that could be done. He explained the reasons why his license was suspended and I immediately knew that he had defenses to the charge that he did not assert.

I told him that I could file a motion to reopen, which I did. The judge heard my argument and did vacate the conviction. I was then able to renegotiate with the prosecutor and  the charge was amended to a minor document violation, thus doing away with all the penalties he faced in connection with the 39:3-40 charge.

Sometimes people think that traffic violations are no big deal. But it is really important to at least speak with legal counsel before going to court. Thankfully this case had a great result.


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