Can’t Figure Out How to Restore Your Suspended License?

You just got a driving while suspended ticket and its time to figure out how you are going to restore your driving privileges. Typically, restoring your license is the first step in overcoming a driving while revoked charge. Therefore, its important to restore prior to coming to court. The problem for most defendants, however, is that it is rarely as simple as going to your local municipal court and paying the forgotten parking ticket from ’89. The more likely scenario is that you left a wake of traffic ticket disaster behind you and now its going to take some some serious work to get what you did undone.

The reality is that this is a difficult proposition for most people. Trying to get answers and then figuring out how to fix the problem becomes next to impossible for many. Attorneys in NJ who handle traffic matters and driving while suspended cases have their hands in the mess every day and know where to go for the answers, how to interpret them, and who to speak to. This saves you time, money and your sanity. Most importantly, the problem gets resolved properly.

For example, I had a client recently who had outstanding tickets all over NJ. He was issued a ticket for driving while suspended in a Hunterdon County municipality. Before he hired me, he tried to fix it himself. He went to the MVC and found out he had tickets in Essex, Union, Hudson, Bergen, and Morris Counties. He assumed that he should take the one at a time approach and picked a Morris County Municipal Court first. He called the Court, posted some bail (because there was a warrant for his arrest). An aside-if you hire a lawyer, the court will frequently lift the warrant and not make the defendant post bail. Getting back to the issue, he went to court and pleaded guilty to an amended no point ticket (unsafe operation of a motor vehicle). He left with that “one down, five to go feeling”. Two weeks later, and after he had gone to two more courts, he received a letter from the Motor Vehicle Commission advising him that because he had pleaded guilty to the violation in the Morris County municipal court, the MVC was independently suspending his driving privileges for 180 days. How, you ask? Well, what he did not realize that at the time he was issued the ticket in 2000 in Morris County, his license had actually been suspended for failure to appear in a Essex Count Municipal court, even though he was not issued a ticket for it at the time. Therefore, by pleading guilty to a moving violation in Morris, he admitted that he was driving at that time in 2000 when his license was suspended and BOOM….the mess just got messier. It just got worse from there as one could imagine. I cleaned up the mess.

Here is the deal. Give a lawyer a call before you get involved in old traffic tickets, license suspension, court, pleading…etc.



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