Is it Possible to Beat a Drunk Driving Charge in New Jersey

You bet it is. Does this mean that the best DWI attorney is going to beat the charge always? NO. What it means is that A DWI lawyer who knows what they are doing will beat the charge if the state slips up,  does not conduct a thorough investigation, makes mistakes, and fails to abide by the procedure as mandated by the rules of court.

Winning a DWI case is not always about how drunk or not drunk the defendant was. DWI defense work is about having extensive knowledge of the proofs necessary to sustain a conviction for DWI, and how to attack those proofs at every level.

In my opinion, in every DWI case I have handled, there are always mistakes made by the police. This does not mean that every case results in a not guilty verdict. But I truly believe that every case is defensible.

I am confident in making that statement because of the training and experience that I have in this area of the law. I don’t waste my client’s time with pipe dream defenses. I work the case to develop real substantive issues that can hold up in court.

I can provide a comprehensive overview of the most common mistakes made by law enforcement and prosecutor’s during a free phone consultation. You can relay the facts of your case, and I will review them. I will be able to provide answers to most, if not all of your questions. I can give you the knowledge to make educated choices going forward. This will help you in determining the best option for your legal representation.


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