Speeding 30 mph or More Over the Speed Limit, 5 points

One of the most serious motor vehicle violations penalized in the code is speeding in violation of 39:4-98, 30 mph or more over the limit. Upon conviction, 5 points will be assessed to your license. More importantly, a conviction for speeding in this instance could result in the suspension of your driving privileges.

One must remember. In NJ there are hundreds of different municipalities. Almost each town has its own court, prosecutor, and judge. There is very little uniformity between the courts as to how each case is handled. This is even more pronounced with high-speed cases. Therefore, it is important that you hire an attorney who has familiarity with the court that you will be appearing in, as an experienced lawyer will be aware of the likely passage the negotiations will take and prepare you for all eventualities. More importantly, that familiarity with the court and its personnel will usually benefit the defendant tremendously in our opinion. This is especially the case where, in this type of matter, the final outcome may rely upon the discretion of a third part (judge or prosecutor).

Procedure and motion practice in these cases is also important because of the likely usage of radar or laser speed measurement devices by the police.

It is strongly advisable that you contact a lawyer prior to going to your first court appearance. In our opinion, when a defendant has been charged with a serious traffic offense, future negotiations are greatly affected when the defendant speaks to the prosecutor without counsel present.

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