Leaving the Scene, Careless Driving, and Unlicensed Driver Tickets Dismissed

I represented a client in a Hudson County municipal court this week who was charged with some pretty serious traffic violations, including leaving the scene of an accident with property damage. This offense carries a 6 month loss of license if you are convicted. My client did not hire me until after he had gone to the first pre-trial conference and was told by the prosecutor that there would be no deals.

I came into the case and immediately requested discovery as well as any statements recorded by the police at the time of the incident. As I reviewed the statements provided, its was clear that at least one of the alleged victims was not an english speaker. My client had indicated that he had made every attempt to provide the information to this individual, but there was a “lost in translation” problem.

During the next appearance, the trial date, I had my opportunity to conference the matter with the prosecutor and present the points that I thought would be relevant. This included questions that the prosecutor may want to ask the alleged victim prior to making his decision to take the case to trial.

After he spoke with this witness, he came back to me and we discussed a resolution. It could not have been any better. He agreed to recommend that all the charges against my client be dismissed.

My clients could not have been happier.

If you have been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, please contact me for a free consultation.


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