Resiting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct Charge Dismissed

I represented a client in a Bergen County Municipal Court who was charged with the two criminal offenses above (resisting and disorderly). The complaints were the result of my client’s unpleasant interaction with two police officers who were conducting a DWI checkpoint. The verbal altercation allegedly progresses into an alleged physical confrontation, a fact that my client vehemently disputed.

The police report provided was very helpful to our defense, as it appeared that there were certain”cause and effect” problems for the State to explain. This lead me to believe that the report may have been slightly embellished.

Following my discussion with the prosecutor and the officers, it was agreed that the two criminal charges would be dismissed, and a municipal ordinance violation would be issued instead. This is a local ordinance, not a criminal offense, and resulted in a fine only. The offense will not appear on his public record.

My client was very happy with the outcome


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