The Success Stories of a Criminal Defense Lawyer, and the Bald Spot to Prove it

This is more a reflective post as opposed to any substantive legal analysis. Although, each month (and sometimes each day) brings changes in the law that your lawyer better be aware of because nobody is going to tell you about it, especially your adversary. Changes in search and seizure law, evidentiary rules, DWI procedure, etc., could be the difference between victory or defeat.

Regardless,  preparation and attention will almost always include knowing the legal changes that affect your client.

It is a grind each day. Most clients are coming to you with their biggest problems, problems that could carry a lifetime of consequence. The pressure of carrying this load may not be apparent on the outside, except for the daily increase in the size of my bald spot and the grey hairs in my temples…but its  what I do. Its as simple as that. Being a lawyer, a dedicated lawyer, is not a profession; it becomes you and you become it.

Caring about what happens is paramount, and the second I stop caring is when I have to stop being a lawyer.

Sometimes people ask me “how can you defend someone who you know is guilty?” The answer is a little complicated but I can say it this way… 1)a lawyer may be all that stands between a citizen and the occasional tyranny  of government and 2) would you ask me that questions if I was defending your child?

Tomorrow is Saturday. I told myself I would only work half the day, but who am I kidding.


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