NJ Bail Reduction, Bail Bonds, Getting Money Back

I find that there is some confusion as to what happens when you pay a bail bondsman money to get someone out of jail. Well, lets clear that up. When you pay a bail bondsman money to post bail, you will never get that money back. Typically speaking, I bail bond company charges 10% of the actual bail. In most instances, the company will also want some other indicator of your ability to pay should the defendant abscond. This could mean your home, car, etc.

Contrast this with posting the bail directly with the court. When you post the bail to the court, your get that money back at the end of the case if the person shows up for court and the criminal matter is finalized. However, if the bail is set at $75,000, the initial inclination is to pay a bondsman because most people don’t have 75k. Yet, they never consider the possibility of a bail reduction hearing.

You can hire a lawyer to represent the defendant and to do a bail reduction hearing. For example, people sometimes hire me just to do a bail motion (reduction) I usually charge around $1000 for this depending on the complexity. If you do the math, you will see how this can work to your benefit. For example, using the 75K as the number, there are many different options for a lawyer to explore.

First, sometimes it may be possibly for the court to grant a 10% option. If the I convince court to do that, then you could post the $7500 with the court and not lose the money to a bondsman. Along that same line, sometimes I can convince the court to lower the bail and give a 10% option, maybe down to 35k with a 10%. Now the required amount to get him out would be 3500. In either example, you get your money back at the end, and you are only out of pocket $1000 as opposed to $7500.

Sometimes a 10% is not available, but if I can lower the bail, you may be able to post it yourself regardless. Also remember that bondsman take 10%, so if I could take that 75K down to 25 or 35, then the bondman will be looking for $2500 or $3500 as opposed to $7500. Your net gain would be $3000 if you paid to do the bail motion.

If you have more questions, give me a call


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