Robbery Charge Dismissed

 Fighting to Protect your Rights

I recently represented a client charged with Robbery in Essex County. Sometimes, even when the facts are not in your favor, you can structure a defense to entail not only legal but equitable arguments as well. Everyone has a reason as to why they shouldn’t be convicted of a serious offense like robbery, or shouldn’t go to jail. But to convince a prosecutor who hears the same things everyday, and who sees the charges over and over again AND who starts out seeing each defendant as a category of person as opposed to an individual, takes a lot of skill.

In this particular case, my client was facing confinement up easy 6 years if convicted. Robbery is a NERA offense, which means you serve 85% percent of the sentence. The presumptive sentence on a second degree is 7 years.

I was able to use my experience and negotiation skills to get the robbery charge dismissed and my client plead guilty to a disorderly persons shoplifting offense, just a fine, with a year of probation.

He and his family were very happy.


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