Directed Verdict of Not Guilty in Middlesex County Municipal Court

I had an ongoing case in a Middlesex County Municipal Court that involved co defendants, both of whom were charged with drug possession. In addition, my client was arrested for obstruction of justice when she refused to answer the door for police officers who claimed they had a valid warrant for her arrest.

Something interesting appeared in the police report regarding the warrant, namely, that the warrant was a mistake, and that they only thought she had a warrant. There is case law directly on point as it relates to this issue. As to the obstruction charge, my pretrial arguments regarding the suppression issue were persuasive enough that the charge went away pretty early in the case.

That left the drug charges, a motion was also filed on these charges. However, it was clear to me that the element of possession for my client  was lacking for the state. So much so that I was able to argue that the police themselves had admitted as much in the police report. Following discussions. This charge was also directed verdict of not guilty.

Great result for my client, helping her avoid a criminal record.


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