Arrested at Giants Game at MetLife Stadium : What to Do?

A Disorderly Conduct Charge Could Result in a Criminal Record

An arrest in East Rutherford at MetLife during a Giants game or any other event should not be taken lightly. Disorderly Conduct, criminal mischief, and drug charges are common and each can windup on your record if you don’t take the proper steps to protect yourself. People are easy targets at the stadium and municipalities make a bundle on these arrest during the season and during big events. This includes the East Rutherford Municipal Court.

I have been defending people charged with offenses in East Rutherford and MetLife stadium for years. More importantly, I have a great record of success. In many instances, it will be the State Police or NJ Transit Police who issue the summons or complaint. On its face, it may look like no big deal. But after some research you find out it is. A conviction for a criminal offense could cost you your job, your license, or future employment opportunities.

NJ Transit Police and Port Authority Cops Issue Complaints and Summons on the Train Platform

One of the more frequent things I see is a complaint being issued by the NJ Transit or Port Authority Police issuing complaints after events on the train platform. This is a chaotic scene after a Giants game or concert and I feel that the police take a very cavalier approach. There are frequently issues of identification as well as accuracy regarding who did and said what.

We Don’t go to Court Looking for Plea Bargains

When I appear in East Rutherford on one of these matters, it has been my experience that the police are frequently trying to make something out of nothing. The complaints are often sloppily drafted and occasionally just plain wrong. Just recently I represented an individual charged with a criminal open container charge. But the police charged him with disorderly conduct. He was simply charged under the wrong statute in my opinion and they were out of time to amend the complaint. I made the argument convincingly and the charge was dismissed.

If you are looking for aggressive, experienced, reasonable priced representation in your East Rutherford matter, we provide free consultation and take the time to give you the real story.




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