Not Guilty Careless Driving Ticket

Not every careless driving ticket goes to trial. In fact, most don’t. But these cases can be of some consequence.

Careless driving is a two point violation. This isn’t the end of the world and may not create any issues for insurance even if you are convicted. But that is not always the case.

Maybe you have ten points or more on your license and are facing a sixth month suspension from the MVC if you are convicted. Maybe you have a CDL and are concerned about a suspension of your CDL. Maybe there was an accident and there is possible civil personal injury ramifications. Or maybe you are simply not guilty.

In this case, my client was charged with careless driving after he had driven off a poorly marked embankment while exiting a parking lot. After reviewing the scene of the incident and pictures of the signage, I simply felt that he wasn’t guilty.

The prosecutor offered the common plea bargain of unsafe driving which is a zero point downgrade but a $400 fine. My client had no points on his license. I suggested that we go to trial. We did and we won.

I know this isn’t Roe v Wade, but the little cases are an important part of the checks and balances. They remind the government actors that it’s not just another day at the office. And every deserved not guilty verdict reminds me that what I do is important.


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