For more information on Attorney Todd Palumbo please visit his attorney profile page. The practice center below is just a brief sampling of the types of cases the Firm handles. For a more comprehensive practice section and legal analysis, please visit the pages  on the right side of this site, or search for your topic in the area indicated.

TODD PALUMBO specializes in New Jersey and Essex County criminal and municipal court defense, defending those charged with marijuana crimes, cocaine and other drug offenses, DWI, traffic tickets, assault charges, juvenile arrest, domestic violence, theft, shoplifting, etc. We are available 24 hrs for free consultations. If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal or traffic offense, please call today. Our Office number is 908-451-2667.



3 responses to “TODD PALUMBO, ESQ.

  1. Todd is a very good attorney. He helped me with a case of my husband ,also he is reasonable and he always there to answer any question that I ask him. I recommend him to any person that needs a lawyer.
    Thank you Todd

  2. Todd was tireless in my defense . I had a complicated case with the dmv and several courts in new jersey . Great eye for detail missed nothing . I would highly recomend him to anyone and already have . When you go to court he is the right guy to have standing next to you .

  3. My room mate had various traffic violations from 2006 and 2 recent ones from April which inlude a warrant; thanks to Todd Palumbo who got us in contact with Michelle my roommate was able to pay the violations without doing any time. I think Michelle is caring, hard worker, smart and very knowledgeable. My roommate and I would recommend Michelle in a heart beat. Thank you so much for all your help and advice.

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