Clark DWI Attorney and Municipal Court Lawyer

The Clark Municipal Court is one of the busiest DWI courts in New Jersey. A high number of arrest is due to the central location, Garden State Parkway State Trooper activity, and the multiple busy roads that connect numerous towns. The police make lots of arrest, the prosecutor has a heavy DWI calendar and the Judge is up on the law.

Your goal when seeking legal counsel should be to hire DWI attorney who has the credentials and qualifications to put up the fight. My training is second to none and my trial record is top notch. My office is local and I appear in the Clark Municipal Court regularly getting great results for my clients.

The penalties you face depend upon a number of factors, including whether it is a first, second, or third or subsequent offense. But what is important to understand is this. There is no plea bargaining DWI offenses in New Jersey. The Law forbids it. You must have  a legal defense to overcome your charge. No amount of equitable reasons will give the prosecutor the authority to “give you a break.” You need a lawyer that will use every tool at his disposal to reach the best possible result. One that knows when it is time to go to trial, when it is time to press an issue, when it is time to make the right motion, hire the right expert, look at the right information in you DWI discovery. An attorney who understands what the documents mean and the minuscule details that may be the key to you getting out of it. This could be problems with the Alcotest machine, the field sobriety tests or discovery procedure. An attorney who knows the field sobriety tests better than the police officer or trooper that administered them to you. A lawyer who knows more about the Alcotest machine than the operator who performed your test. Whatever the case may be, there can be no quit because the consequences are too harsh.

You have to give yourself the best possible shot.

Here is the deal. No pressure, no sales pitch. Reach out to me and you will come away from the conversation thinking this. He knows what he is doing and I think he can do the job. Whether you hire me or not is a matter of preference. But I take pride in providing the best free consultation I can .

The Clark Municipal Court is located at 315 Westfield Avenue Clark, NJ  07066. The Court phone number is  732-381-5395 and the fax number is  732-381-9630. The violation window is open Monday – Friday 8:30 – 4:00pm. The Judge is Antonio Inacio (he is a good judge in my opinion and very fair).

If you have questions about the most serious offense that the Clark Municipal Court handles, DWI, I can answer all of them and arm you with the information you need to make the best possible choice for your representation.


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