Jersey City NJ Municipal Court Attorney

The Jersey City Municipal Court is one of the busiest Municipal Courts in the State. Jersey city is the second largest city in New Jersey. Jersey City is densely populated and many major roadways wind their way around and through Jersey City. The proximity of the Holland Tunnel, Rt. 1 & 9, the New Jersey Turnpike, etc. provide both local and state police ample opportunity to issue thousands of traffic violations (traffic tickets) each year. Additionally, there are an abundance of criminal complaints filed each year for a variety of disorderly persons offenses.

Attorney Todd Palumbo appears regularly before each Judge in the Jersey City Municipal Court. The Law Firm focuses its practice almost entirely on municipal court and criminal defense matters. In particular, Lawyer Todd Palumbo appears throughout Hudson county defending those charged with motor vehicle offenses such as, driving while suspended (NJSA 39:2-40), speeding (NJSA 39:4-98), reckless driving (NJSA 39:4-96), careless driving (NJSA 39:4-97), uninsured or no insurance summons (NJSA 39:6B-2), DWI (NJSA 39:4-50) or Driving While Intoxicated, leaving the scene of an accident (NJSA 39:4-129), no valid license in possession (NJSA 39:3-10), running a red  light, and all other traffic infractions. Even in the worst situations, Attorney Todd Palumbo will likely be able to significantly reduce or completely eliminate the penalties you may be facing. This included point/ fine reductions and not guilty verdicts. You should not plead guilty or go to court without speaking with an attorney first.

The Firm provides representation to those arrested and charged with criminal offenses and disorderly persons charges including, shoplifting, simple assault, marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, bad check offenses, harassment, solicitation of prostitute,  disorderly conduct, fighting, MTA/ PATH  and NJ Transit tickets, Municipal Ordinance violations, and all alcohol related charges. We will take your case to trial if necessary and fight for your rights. If a plea negotiation is the prudent route, our experience in the Jersey City Municipal Court will pay dividends.

If you are not a citizen, or have visa status (.i.e. h1 visa), we can answer your questions about how a criminal or serious motor vehicle offense will affect your immigration status. We understand immigration laws and provide knowledgeable legal representation to our non-citizen clients.

We also represent out- of- state residents who have been charged with motor vehicle offenses and criminal charges in Jersey City New Jersey, and can frequently arrange representation so that the out-of-state resident does not have to appear in the Jersey City Municipal Court.

What ever your situation may be, it is wise to speak with an experienced Jersey City Municipal Court attorney prior to your first appearance. We are available for free consultations 24/7. Call  today and give us an opportunity to educate you on your court case.

The Jersey City Municipal Court is located at 365 Summit Ave., Jersey City, New Jersey. The phone numbers for the Court are 201 209 6700, 6732, 6747, 6743. The chief Judge is Nesle A. Rodriguez. The payment window is open Weekdays from 8 am to 3:30 pm. Court is in session Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 9 pm, and Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.


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