N.J.S.A. 39:4-98, Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets come in a few varieties: two point for 1 to 14 mph over, four point for 15 to 29 over, and five point for 30 mph and over. The fines also vary depending on how fast you were traveling. Regardless, a conviction for a speeding offense will usually have some consequence, and on some occasions, can result in the loss of your license. The hike in insurance premiums can also be eye opening especially for the New Jersey driver.

I have years of experience successfully defending clients against all varieties of speeding violations.

Familiarity with the discovery process and the proofs necessary to convict for speeding is the cornerstone of a successful defense. Its not just about plea bargaining.  Its about taking the steps to try and win.

This means challenging the radar equipment used or the alleged pace sixth wheel calibration certifications. This means challenging the officer’s training and experience.

This is all the more important when charged with a speeding offense alleging 30 or more miles per hour over the limit which could result in 5 points and a suspension, or a when the accumulation of points from prior offenses threatens to make the next a motor vehicle commision imposed suspension.

Familiarity with the municipal court is also important since there is not always uniformity in the plea bargain process. 

The smart thing to do is avail yourself of free consultation over the phone and get a list of options. 

We can provide just that and would be happy to speak with you.


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