Newark Municipal Court

Newark Municipal Court Attorney

Newark Municipal Court is by the far the busiest municipal court in Essex County and I appear there on a weekly basis. I have been before every judge and every prosecutor on many many occasions. I have trials, make motions, and negotiated outcomes successfully for my clients in the Newark Municipal Court and have been doing so for years.  If you need to know about your case and how it is going to proceed our Firm can help. Only a few have the experience in the Newark Municipal Court that our firm does and can provided the type of free consultation that actually gives you information.

The Newark Police, State Police, Port Authority and Transit Police issue thousands of traffic violations and criminal complaints each year. This can be attributed to the number of heavily traveled roadways, densely populated neighborhoods, train and mass transit stations, and sports venue (Prudential Center).

Our firm has handled every type of case in the Newark Municipal Court. We are experienced DWI lawyers and criminal defense attorneys. We have represent those charged with all types of traffic offenses, including reckless driving, driving while suspended or revoked, speeding, tailgating, careless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and all other moving violations

I am a Newark Municipal Court trial lawyer and defend those arrested and charged with all criminal offenses, including marijuana and other drug crimes, assault, harassment, disorderly conduct, theft, shoplifting, bad check crimes, domestic violence,etc.

Our firm works the case and gets results. We answer the phone when our clients call and we keep them informed. We are nothing without our good results and word of mouth is everything. We strive for the best possible outcome each time.

I offer free consultations and am available 24 hrs to discuss your case. I offer payment plans and reasonable rates. If you are have been issued a traffic summons, or criminal complaint in Newark New Jersey, you should speak with an attorney to better understand the charges you face and your possible defenses.  See more information on the Newark Municipal Court including address, phone numbers, personnel, etc


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