Orange New Jersey Municipal Court Attorney, Traffic and Criminal

Attorney Todd Palumbo provides representation to those facing traffic and criminal offenses in the Orange New Jersey Municipal Court. Orange New Jersey is a densely populated Essex County City. A number of heavily traveled NJ roadways go through and around Orange, including I 280, Rt 508, and 638. As a result, a high volume of traffic tickets are issued on a daily basis, and the Court has jurisdiction over all Title 39 motor vehilce offenses issued in Orange, NJ. Speeding, DWI, careless driving, suspended license, no insurance, etc., are some of the more common traffic summons we handle in this court. However, our Firm specializes in Municipal court and criminal defense and we represent those charged with all types of criminal and traffic charges.

The Orange Municipal Court also has jurisdiction over all New Jersey Disorderly Persons Offenses, including possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, fighting, simple assault, harassment, hypodermic needle charges, domestic violence incidents, disorderly conduct, etc. Todd Palumbo is a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience defending those arrested and charged with all types of disorderly persons offenses.

In addition, we routinely defend non-citizen clients facing criminal charges in the Orange Municipal Court. For non-citizens, immigration concerns and deportation worries are warranted when facing any criminal charge. Lawyer Todd Palumbo understands immigration laws and will take all the necessary steps to protect your immigration status.

The Law offices of Todd Palumbo also defends out-of-state residents who have been issued traffic citations or criminal complaints. In many instances, we can resolve the matter without making our out-of-state client appear in court.

The Orange NJ Municipal Court is located at 29 Park St., Orange, NJ 07050. The phone numbers for the court are 973-266-4161 and 266-4111 (ext 5420). The court’s website can be visited by clicking here.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak with a lawyer about your particular situation, please contact our Firm for a free consultation.


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