Readington New Jersey Municipal Court Attorney

The Law Office of Todd Palumbo handles municipal court traffic and criminal matters in all Hunterdon County municipalities, including Readington. Being from the area, it amazes me just how much more populated this section of the State seems to become on a yearly basis. Many companies have set up shop in this neck of the woods, and as a result, more people have started moving in.

As communities grow, so does traffic, both on the roadways and in the town. This means the local government increases in size, and so does the police force. Over the last few years, I have seen a pretty consistent increase in the number of cases my office handles in Readington. DWI and traffic violations, such as speeding, careless and reckless driving, driving while suspended, driving with no liability insurance, etc., appear to be on the rise. Increased vehicle traffic on Rt. 22 and Rt. 202 certainly has contributed to the growing volume of summonses issued.

There has also been a spike in the number of criminal cases. These include drug possession offenses, such as possession of marijuana, cocaine and heroin, Possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of CDS in a motor vehicle are in this category as well. Most drug related offenses could carry a significant license suspension if convicted. Simple assaults, disorderly conduct, and domestic violence issues are also common charges and my office has extensive experience defending those charged with the above offenses and others.

Making the problem worse, the increased use of technology to monitor driver’s and criminal record almost guarantees that no infraction, no matter how minor, will go unnoticed by the likes of an insurance company or current/prospective employer .

My office is experienced handling cases in Readington and all other Hunterdon County municipal courts. We are courtroom attorneys and deal with the above mentioned offenses on a daily basis. If you have been charged with a criminal violation, or issued a traffic summons, you can receive a free consultation by calling the number listed. We will not pressure you to make any decisions, just provide the type of information you need to make an educated decision going forward.


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