Short Hills Mall Shoplifting Arrest, Charges, Offense, Attorney

The thing you should know first is that any alleged shoplifting offense that occurs in the Short Hills Mall will be heard in the Millburn Municipal Court. Secondly, there have big changes made recently pertaining to the way municipal courts handle shoplifting arrest. I have written about this on my blog on several occasions. These changes affect the latitude that the prosecutor has in making plea bargains. This makes attorney involvement even more crucial than ever for both disorderly persons and indictable shoplifting charges.

Additionally, it is our opinion that hiring counsel that regularly appears in the court, who is familiar with the court personnel, and has extensive (successful) experience handling shoplifting matters, is crucial step towards obtaining a favorable result.

Remember,  shoplifting is a theft offense, and a crime of moral turpitude. A conviction will appear on a criminal record and could interfere with employment opportunities, cause immigration and deportation problems, or lead to a termination of your current employment for certain individuals. A conviction for shoplifting can remain on your record for up to ten years.

Another important consideration is multiple arrest and convictions for shoplifting. Under these circumstance, the defendant could be facing mandatory jail time and a significant amount of community service.

Short Hills Mall shoplifting charges should be discussed with an experienced criminal defense attorney who offers free, comprehensive consultations.

We are here to help 24 hrs per day. Feel free to call.


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