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I am a New Jersey criminal, DWI and traffic defense lawyer with a proven track record and the reviews to back it up. You can see my client stories at AVVO. I am not a real estate lawyer, a personal injury attorney, or do I dabble in any area. All of my understanding is from a daily involvement and constant submersion in the area that I practice.

The Stories of my clients and the results I have achieved are really the only reference that matters. I am dedicated to my profession and the desire to do the best possible job for my client. I like to tell my clients that sometimes a good advocate is all that stands between you and the tyranny of government. I may have heard this someplace, or made it up. But I believe it entirely and it is the principle that keeps me focused.

I can be reached at any time and will give each person the time they deserve, because they depend on me more than most and I get this. I do not give up or back down. In my eyes, there is no case that is not winnable.


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