Cranford NJ DWI Attorney

The Law Office of Todd Palumbo is located across the street from the Cranford Municipal Court and specializes in DWI defense. We are also a criminal defense firm that handles both disorderly persons offenses and indictable arrest  in the Cranford Municipal Court .

Todd Palumbo has a forty-year history with the Town. He was born and raised in Cranford, and the family has been practicing law in Cranford for the entirety of that time.

He has specialized training in the are of DWI and DUI law and is a successful Driving While Intoxicated trial lawyer with a proven record of success in the Municipal Court.

The penalties for a DWI or Refusal offense in New Jersey are harsh. The penalties only enhance with subsequent offenses. A first offense penalties include up to a one year loss of license, possible jail time, high fines, surcharges and ignition interlock ( to name a few.)  Second offense penalties are a mandatory two-year loss of license and up to ninety days in jail, with two days being mandatory, community service, ignition interlock etc.  Third or subsequent offense DWI penalties include a mandatory 180 day county jail sentence, ten years loss of license and the list goes on.

What one must understand about a New Jersey DWI charge is this: DWI is the most complicated and serious charge that the municipal court hears. The Alcotest is a scientific instrument that can be challenged, but your lawyer better know what he is doing because if he/she doesn’t, a key error could be missed and the results could be life altering. The field sobriety tests are also scientific test. As such, they must be held to the same standards. Knowing how to spot the problems with the administration of the tests by the police officer is paramount to winning your case.

There is no plea bargaining a DWI case (by law). The legal issues in your case will be the only justification that the prosecutor can use to downgrade or dismiss the offense. The only person who can establish these issues is your lawyer.

It certainly helps to have an attorney who is respected and known in the Court that you will be appearing as it relates to credibility and ability.

DWI is not just limited to alcohol. You can be charged with the offense for being under the influence of drugs/narcotics. This includes marijuana.

The information you seek is a free phone call away. If you need a real consultation with a lawyer who takes the time to explain and listen…feel free to reach out to us.

The Law Office of Todd Palumbo is located at 123 North Union Ave., Suite 305, Cranford, NJ 07016. We are DWI defense lawyers and handle all matters in the Cranford Municipal Court, including drug, assault, traffic, theft, shoplifting,  charges

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