Second Offense DWI : New Jersey : DWI Lawyers

New Jersey DWI Defense Attorneydwi-qualifications

If you were arrested for a second DWI charge in New Jersey, you should understand that the attorney you hire to represent you will likely be the lawyer representing you during a trial. There is no lower set of penalties for a second offense driving while intoxicate conviction in New Jersey. This means that a conviction for a violation of N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 WILL  result in a mandatory two-year license suspension, the possibility of up to 90 days in the county jail, the ignition interlock system, and thousands of dollars in fines and surcharges. This is in addition to the mandatory statutory fines, community service, and IDRC program.

As you may be aware, there is no plea bargaining driving while intoxicated violations in NJ. Given this fact and the inflexible penalty structure, it is a good possibility that you will be trying your case.

Why? Because why plea when there is no benefit? To save a couple of points from the dismissal of traffic tickets? to be guaranteed lower fines? This makes no sense. The stakes are two high to accept a two-year loss of your driving privileges lying down.

At our Firm, we look towards trial from the start, meaning we prepare aggressively. Setting up a DWI case is like building a box around your opponent. You want to keep building each side without the adversary realizing its being done.  In some cases, this actually can result in a second offense being dismissed pre-trial if you can catch the State/prosecutor snoozing.

Choosing a lawyer is not simple, but it is wise to interview attorneys that are properly qualified. By properly qualified, I don’t mean expensive. I mean DWI attorneys who have the proper background and experience  to go to trial on a second offense DWI. You do not want to find out that your lawyer is not up to the task on trial day.

If you have been charged with a second offense in New Jersey, and you need answers, We are uniquely qualified to help. The internet is a great tool, but it also can create a tremendous amount of confusion. Attorneys with no experience can make themselves look like seasoned veterans. Take the steps to truly protect yourself and speak with someone who doesn’t just see dollar signs. We want to win, we want to give our clients the best possible chance to beat the charge.


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