Edison Cop Charged with Attempted Murder after Allegedly Firebombing Superior’s Home

NJ Police Officer Charged with Attempted Murder and Arson

A veteran Edison Police officer,  Michael Dotro, was charged with multiple counts of attempted murder following an investigation by the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office. The allegations are that he firebombed the home of his superior while the family, including his children and 92 year-old mother, slept inside. All the occupants of the home safely evacuated.

Superior Court Judge Vincent LeBlon set bail $5 million dollars and Dotro is set to be arraigned in the coming days.

The preliminary reports allege that the officer, who had been on the force for ten years, had a history of disciplinary problems. However, there have been no reports that there were any specific issues with his superior, Mark Anderko.

Preliminary statements from the defendant’s defense attorney included a complete denial of any involvement.

Interestingly enough, the State PBA had offered a 20k reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect. The organization is standing by its offer.

Investigator were obviously intrigued by the work-place dispute between Dotro and Anderko, a suspicion that one could assume was heightened when investigators became aware of the following: In 2008, Dotro was involved in litigation with a his then neighbor. Shortly after the resolution of that dispute (which included claims of assault from both men) the neighbors shed was set ablaze. No one was every charged in that case, but police did question the victim in connection with the current investigation. I hate to use this cliché, but where there is smoke….


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